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Another First!

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Another First!

Postby OhioCoinHunter » 05 Sep 2010, 20:28

Today I had a two hour window to hunt, so the COMDA hunt was a no-go for me. It takes two hours for me to just drive there and back. So I hunted a site closer to home. I was hunting a grass field and finding a lot of modern coins. The oldest coin was a 1964 memorial cent. Demoralizing. Suddenly lightening struck and I got a high toned signal at 7 or 8 inches deep with the 10x12 sef coil. The numbers on my E-trac were 11-45, 12-46. I knew it was going to be something good. I dug down and pulled this baby out:

1876 Seated Liberty Quarter

My first Seated quarter! That's what I love about this hobby. You can be having one of those crappy days and then - BAM! - lightening strikes and suddenly it's an awesome hunt! :D

As you can see, it was covered with black oxidation. It was black as tar and looked like it came up from the pits of hell. So I put it in the the electrolysis tank for 5 minutes with the battery charger set at 40 amps. When it came out of the tank, the black stuff washed right off.

After electrolysis


It's pretty worn but what a find! I'll take it.

Earlier in the week I hunted for a bit and found this pin or badge:


I believe it's an electric company pin.

Here it is cleaned up with electrolysis.

I also found a lot of modern coins and some wheats that I didn't take pictures of or film. Here's a video of the hunts for anyone interested.

Happy Hunting!

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Re: Another First!

Postby buckeyehunter » 05 Sep 2010, 21:07

even worn its a nice coin!! congratulations!!
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Re: Another First!

Postby AirborneHunter » 06 Sep 2010, 15:08

Awesome find!!! I can't wait till I find one!
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Re: Another First!

Postby Goes4ever » 06 Sep 2010, 15:09

congrats on a super hunt, love the seated!
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Re: Another First!

Postby teverly » 06 Sep 2010, 20:14

cograts on your 1st seated quarter.....hope you find many more!!
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Re: Another First!

Postby diggerdan » 06 Sep 2010, 21:32

Congrats on the seated it really cleaned up nice
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Re: Another First!

Postby Bell-Two » 06 Sep 2010, 21:42

Nice find and very nice video as usual!
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Re: Another First!

Postby MrStuff » 09 Sep 2010, 09:18

Nice job on the sweet seated quarter :shock: :shock: :shock: I have yet to find a seated quarter...Looks like it cleaned up pretty nice too... :shock: :D
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Re: Another First!

Postby Schroeder » 09 Sep 2010, 11:33

Super find.
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Re: Another First!

Postby deepbeeps » 09 Sep 2010, 14:03

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Re: Another First!

Postby iwannafindsome » 13 Sep 2010, 14:54

congrats on the seated quarter :)
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