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Predator Tools Model 85 digging tool


 Two years ago I received a Predator tools Model 85 digging tool for Christmas. I had always wanted one but just wasn’t sure they were worth the expense. I had a few of the 10-15 dollar hand diggers that I liked but found myself often having to file an edge back on them but they worked good in regular ground and worked good for me as long as the ground wasn’t hard, gravely or close to a tree with a lot of roots.


 When spring finally came around and I started using it I immediately realized I had been really missing! The Predator digger tool cut through the hardest ground and ripped through roots with no problems. Some of the cheaper diggers work on in normal ground conditions but  Predators digger is indestructible and makes an easy job out of some of the toughest digging situations. Made from 4130 Chrome-molly steel this is the toughest and best digger on the market.


 Until 2009 I was only using the Lesche in tough ground conditions, although I found it to be the perfect digger my thought was if I only use it when needed it would last longer. One day I was metal detecting an old school in my local area and the ground had so much packed gravel in it that within just about an hour I had completely dulled two of the less expensive hand diggers. The next time I went I took my trusty Predator digger thinking I could at least get through a days worth of digging before I completely trashed it like I had the two cheaper digging tools.  I ended up hunting that all the way through summer and right into winter and I am glad to say my Predator is still in perfect condition and digging through that hard gravel without any problems!


 I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for even though sometimes that’s not the way it is but I am glad to say when you buy a Predator tools model 85 you get what you pay for and so much more. Over the years I have had more money in cheaper diggers than my one Predator digger that will tackle any job better than any of the other diggers and make simple work of some of the hardest digging.


 I would recommend the Model 85 to anyone who demands the best and if you’re like me, once you use a Predator tools digger you will never use another brand again! Another great thing about all of their tools, they are made in AMERICA!