2009 Privy dig
 In the summer of 2009 Steve (Daytondigger) convinced me that we needed to probe my back yard for privies.  I had never been involved in digging up an old privy before and was excited to give it a try. Steve and Terry showed up early on a Sunday morning to do some probing and see if we could find one, It didnt take long and we had found a stone lined privy and got to digging. A lot of the rocks had been knocked in and it took some time to get down but it was all very exciting and fun. Finally, after hours of diggin bottles started showing up, complete bottles! I never thought so many whole bottles could be found in a privy, I think all together we came out with 20 some whole bottles.
 A few weeks later we probed for more privies and done another dig. We dug two holes and only found one bottle that was still together but we had a great time!
      I would like to thanks Steve for getting me started on Privy digging.
2nd dig group
Wetzel pharmacy bottle - lancaster, Ohio

Privy finds from Sifting
DSC07860.jpg picture by buckeyetreasurehunter
DSC07867.jpg picture by buckeyetreasurehunter
Beer bottles
Ink well


 DSC07854.jpg picture by buckeyetreasurehunter
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