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We are a Website and Forum devoted to Ohio treasure Hunters and metal detecting. Whether you are into coins, Metal detecting, prospecting, bottle collecting, Fossils or Ohio History, we have something for everyone.
I built the Website and Forum to bring people together from Ohio to share their passion of metal detecting and treasure hunting Ohio, to meet new friends and hunting partners and discuss everything related to metal detecting and treasure hunting.
Please register and help contribute to the Forum, we have several subjects to post under, Indian wars, war of 1812, Morgan’s Raiders and Civil war, Daily finds, best finds and many other subjects. Whether you are new to metal detecting or a seasoned Veteran, all posts are welcome and appreciated.
Thank you for visiting and we hope you will come back often!

Hello everyone! I am Mike Haer (buckeyehunter) and I built both buckeyetreasurehunter.com as well as minelabchat.com and I am a Minelab/Sunray dealer. Metal detecting is more than a hobby to me, it is my passion! I love everything about the hobby including hunting with others and I always enjoy discussing the hobby. Please feel free to email or call. I enjoy helping new people to the hobby or talking to a veteran with more knowledge than me.
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