I have been metal detecting for over 15 years and I often tell people “this isn’t my hobby, this is my passion”. I got into the hobby simply because of my passion for history. I started of the hard way – learning things on my own. I have learned so much along the way and I enjoy helping other in this hobby whether its sharing my knowledge or helping someone swig their detector for the first time. By no means do I consider myself an expert. I am still learning from others and I want to thank all of the great people who have helped me and been kind enough to share their knowledge with me.
  I started submitting articles to metal detecting magazines a few years back and have had over 20 articles published to this point. I have been lucky enough to find hundreds of silver coins, large cents, Indian head pennies, a few rare coins and my favorite –relics. The best thing about this great hobby though is all the great friendships I have made.
 Buckeyetreausrehunter.com came about in January of 2008. With no experience building a forum I set out to put together a site for other in Ohio the share their finds, experiences and most of all form new friendships. The forum has come a long way and has grown from beyond what I ever expected it to be. One of the proudest things for me is how many friendships have been forged from the forum. Since then I have also built minelabforums.com and a few forums for friends including Pennsylvaniadiggers.com
  About a years after I started the forum and a few years of my wife pestering me (thank you Teri) I became a Minelab dealer. Now I am not only a Minelab dealer but also carry Garrett, Teknetics and Tesoro’s.

 We hope you enjoy the Forums and articles here!